In the quest for digital maturity, it’s logical for organizations to look at the companies leading the digital pack and seek to understand what it is that makes them digital winners. But according to analysis from Capgemini and MIT[1], they might need to dig deep to find it. Digital leaders, we found, share a similar kind of ‘central nervous system’ deep at their cores, making them truly geared up for digital.
What digital leaders have in common is a keen understanding (and importantly, a practical application) of the need to digitally transform more than just processes—it’s about transforming the entire value proposition from the outside in and from the inside, out. What does that mean in practice? Put simply, it’s about bringing customer facing and operational processes closer than ever, harnessing data and gearing operations to drive exemplary customer experiences. And it’s that all-important customer experience that drives the approach.

It’s the customer-facing individuals who become knowledge workers, witnessing what works, what doesn’t, and pinpointing opportunities for improvement. But these knowledge workers cannot do this without an IT system that can guide them seamlessly through each interaction. 

The benefits are immediately clear: personalized and seamless customer interactions drive loyalty and boost revenues; optimized processes bring speed to value and reduce costs; and importantly, the harmonized process is future-ready, geared up to meet new customer demands, take advantage of technology developments and adapt to shifting market conditions, over time.
It’s heartening news, then, that enterprise technology is evolving towards a Customer Oriented Architecture, echoing the digital leader approach.  Capgemini uses BPM (business process management) suites such as IBM BPM as an enterprise digital platform on which to build customer centric applications while automating operational processes. The big benefit of this kind of technology is that they can be integrated on top of legacy systems seamlessly, allowing speed to value and continuous improvement.
A good example of this approach in practice is our Vehicle Recall Management Solution with IBM, which is developed especially to proactively handle an automotive manufacturer’s entire recall process, marrying back office processes with the manufacturer, dealer and customer ecosystem to manage recalls effectively—and simultaneously deliver outstanding customer experiences.
By putting digital customer experience at the center of technology, organizations are empowered to offer exemplary customer experiences online, powered by real time data analytics and fast, reliable, automated operations. It follows, then, that by marrying digital customer experience (DCX) with business process management (BPM), organizations can develop that winning central nervous system of digital leaders—and be truly geared up for digital leadership.
Learn more about Capgemini’s Business Process Management, enabled by IBM, here.

[1] Source: Capgemini and MIT: Digital Transformation: A roadmap for billion-dollar organizations; The Digital Advantage © 2012 and 2013