Having Millennials in the workplace can mean increased innovation, business output, and community.  Yet, statistics also show that Millennials are harder to retain (PwC, 2013) – we value work-life balance, engaging work, a team-based culture, and opportunities for professional development. To provide Millennials with the opportunities to become leaders, Capgemini created the Millennial Innovation Council (MIC). However, although we are called the Millennial Innovation Council, the MIC focuses on providing an environment for cross-generation collaboration, where innovators from all generations—not just millennials—can come together to create something special.

MIC projects touch all facets of Capgemini: professional development through the Sales Pursuit Training; community building through the Millennial Reverse Generation Mentoring program kickoff; national campus recruitment through the Are You Capgemini branding campaign; innovation through the incorporation of Prezi as a Capgemini presentation tool; and research through the Creativity Boosting Meetings. All of these projects provide Capgemini consultants with opportunities to work on a team, contribute in roles they are truly interested in, and develop their consulting skills through hands-on work. By engaging new hires directly from onboarding and encouraging current MIC members to follow and lead their own interests, we’ve made waves across Capgemini North America.

Because of MIC’s dedication to cross generational collaboration and innovation, 2014 was a year of growth for the MIC. We expanded to five local offices and over 200 members. We implemented five new national initiatives and held numerous events across the local offices. We faced leadership transitions and gained executive sponsorship.

This year, we have also made leaps and bounds in understanding our members. We focused on aligning our members’ needs with our mission and Capgemini’s business objectives. We implemented a survey that will fuel our initiatives for next year – given the feedback we’ve received, the MIC is addressing what members consider to be top priorities: soft skills development through a series of workshops, recruitment through a new and improved way of engaging and attracting candidates for hire, and year-end recognition for all the extra work done after client hours by quantifying projects through WWS and feedback through project reviews.

2014 was a year of growth for the MIC. 2015 will be a year of integration for the MIC. We will integrate into the business and shape the organization to be even more open, more innovative, and more impactful than ever.

Reach out to our MIC National Leads: Selina Chen, Angel Li and Brett Blalock at mic.nar@capgemini.com if you want to get more involved.