I was talking to my mum on FaceTime last night. Yet again, she wanted to know if I still enjoyed my job. Yes, I said, I find purpose and meaning in my work; simply put, I make it matter with digital.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what I do and I give different answers. This depends on who I talk to, through what channel, what the context of the conversation is etc. From the plethora of facets drawn from my own data record, I extract what is relevant. Does this sound like applied marketing? Is this proof that digital is being as well as doing?

Although I am a pragmatic technologist by trade, the deeply embedded thought of sensus vitae is driving my professional preferences. Having grown into digital through the pharmaceutical business, I tend to classify industry sectors according to the basic human needs, from vital to luxuries. This is where life sciences and healthcare come top of the list and give purpose to the digital paradigm.

I naturally put myself in the shoes of the end consumers and focus on what matters to them. Then, the strategy expertise and solution capabilities make sense, joining up the internal and external perspectives with the single view of the enterprise, to deliver the profitable promise. All the perfecting concepts of personalised digital-by-default, mobile-first, social, analytics, cloud etc. add value to the process and become real.

When the end result betters someone’s life, I feel that digital matters. Most rewarding for me is that I had a contribution.

What do you feel is meaningful about digital?