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Arguably more than ever, information technology is hot. Data scientist is declared the sexiest job of the 21th century. Being a coder builds unrivalled street credibility. Attendees of IT conferences flood major cities, increasing the gross national product of entire countries. Start-ups flourish again and as a result the Silicon Valleys of this world enjoy […]

Arguably more than ever, information technology is hot. Data scientist is declared the sexiest job of the 21th century. Being a coder builds unrivalled street credibility. Attendees of IT conferences flood major cities, increasing the gross national product of entire countries. Start-ups flourish again and as a result the Silicon Valleys of this world enjoy denser traffic and towering real estate prices (all in good spirit).

And the enthusiasm is equally spread between all of us:

  • as consumers, we enjoy our growing range of increasingly compelling and connected devices and applications, becoming more insightful, more social and more empowered;

  • as business leaders, we leverage technology for the Digital Transformation of our organizations and enterprises, creating real value and genuine growth;

  • as business technology professionals, we are exploring a whole new, powerful range of tools, platforms and technologies to build the next generation of solutions. 

Amid this myriad of digital euphoria, it has been a distinct pleasure for us to work on the 2015 update of our TechnoVision series. We are confident this almost infinite repository of viewpoints and insights will guide you through the technologies that will radically improve the performance and the reach of your enterprise. If you liked TechnoVision 2014, we think you will agree that there is a good mix between beloved, familiar materials and some strikingly new ones.

You can use TechnoVision 2015 in a structured way, systematically scanning the clusters and building blocks to see what’s new. But many have found it equally rewarding to navigate TechnoVision randomly through the content, looking for unexpected, even serendipitous insights and ideas.

More importantly, you can use TechnoVision in the workplace:

  • Drive Business Technology strategy workshops

  • Draw up architectural design

  • Conduct desk research

  • Do portfolio assessment

  • Write articles and keynote speeches 

  • Hold socratic group discussions and one-on-one dialogs

We even use TechnoVision now effectively through our TechnoVision Theater: simple cardboard blocks and engaged groups of up to 70 people to understand and explore business / technology trends in a very tangible, hands-on setting.

As you may recall from earlier TechnoVision versions, we categorize technologies with business change potential in six clusters, two of them covering the foundational building blocks of any IT landscape (Invisible Infostructure for infrastructure and Applications Unleashed for core applications); two of them covering crucial IT capabilities to deal with continual, digital change (Thriving on Data for leveraging data and Process on the Fly to manage processes); and the final two providing organizational access to the outside, connected world (You Experience for creating compelling, individualized user experiences and We Collaborate to tap into the power of social). Also, there is a cluster of overarching design principles that should be applied throughout: Design for Digital.

As last year, each of TechnoVision’s 37 building blocks is described through a separate post on this CTO Blog, featuring the guest contributions of dozens of Capgemini’s leading technology experts.

In the last post of each cluster, we cover several trend building blocks that push the limits of where technology can bring us – we are in the era of disruption after all. The notion of digital platforms – as a way to bridge the gap between existing and new solutions, between business and IT, between the known and the unknown – is apparent throughout (watch every second last building block of a cluster). Finally, it is crucial to understand how new technologies can reposition what you are already doing in Business Technology today: every first building block of a cluster provides the basic overview of the technology area; consider it for renewing your current IT landscape, for reassessing your project portfolio and for validating your Business IT strategy.

In addition to the building block posts there are several posts with crucial, contextual insights that focus on topics including guidance on how to weave together the building blocks for different purposes; the integration with our perspectives on Digital Transformation and the Digital Enterprise; and next steps to take once you have internalized TechnoVision 2015.

So here are the 2015 building blocks:

Design For Digital. Contemporary design principles that should be applied to all business technology challenges within Digital Transformation.
1.     Digitally Intense
2.     What’s Your Story?
3.     Business Mon amour
4.     Bon Risk Appétit
5.     From Train To Scooter
6.     Platform No. 3
7.     Hack My Business Model
Invisible Infostructure. Infrastructure that evolves into an invisible but extremely information-rich and powerful platform for business.
1.     Virtual Lego
2.     Let’s Get Physical
3.     Build, Release, Run, Repeat
4.     Orchestrate For Simple
5.     What Would Amazon Do?
Applications Unleashed. Radically rationalizing the core applications landscape while benefiting from an abundance of next generation, Cloud-based solutions.
1.     All In A Catalog
2.     Reborn In The Cloud
3.     Elastic Business
4.     API Economy
5.     No App Apps
Thriving On Data. Providing real business value through actionable insights, distilled from an abundance of data.
1.     My Data Is Bigger Than Yours
2.     Real Real Time
3.     Now You See Me
4.     Data Apart Together
5.     Cognito Ergo Sum
Process on the Fly. Creating and managing flexible, responsive processes that are in sync with the growth of business.
1.     Shades Of Process
2.     Process Is The New App
3.     Co-Process
4.     Silo Busters
5.     No Process
You Experience. Exploring the potential of the highly individualized, digital user experience.
1.     No Keyboard
2.     Object Of Desire
3.     Get A Life
4.     End User, End Producer
5.     Digital Self
We Collaborate. Building on the power of the crowd to do better, different and more business.
1.     Social Is The New Oil
2.     Egosystem
3.     Social Workers
4.     No Work
5.     Friend That Machine

In the first quarter of 2015, we will release a bundled version of TechnoVision as an interactive eBook for your mobile device. Watch our social media channels for a pre-release.

Think you can improve this framework? By all means share your builds with us, we intend to update regularly and we do not shy away from doing so during the publishing process!

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