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Innovation without growth & the true potential of SAP HANA

Author: Detlev Sandel

I finally found the time to watch Prof. Plattner’s and Prof. Christensen’s keynote at recent Sapphire. This is the best one I have ever seen on the true transformational potential of SAP HANA. It is not only about speed, it is about how we all do business in the future. We will not use predefined models (like relational data models, cost center hierarchies, etc.) for our business anymore. We will get rid of any kind of aggregates that try to simulate our reality. Plattner argues that aggregates are something that was invented to overcome the limitations of our traditional IT systems. The price we all had to pay was the loss of flexibility, transparency and an unmanageable complexity at high costs.

No longer.

In the future we will just put everything in a huge data pool and then decide on the occasion which model or algorhythm we need to apply – which could be anything. Think about the implications this potentially can have. Prof. Christensen talks about how organizations need to adapt to it and how this perfectly fits to solve parts of the “Innovator’s dilemma”.

Even if you do not have 90 minutes for the whole replay you should watch at least the first seven minutes when Prof. Christensen talks about the “Innovator’s dilemma” and “Innovations without growth”. With that he means that companies constantly keep adding “innovative” features to their products and sell them to customers who are already happy with what they have. I can see this every single day in my professional life: everybody is trying to sell ever fancier stuff to the same customers who are not willing to pay for the extra features – why not sell new stuff to new customers?!

Let me know what you think, here is the link to the replay.


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