Striking.. when I read Forrester’s report saying that “79% of firms don’t
consistently train employees on how to deliver the right experience, leaving their
people confused about just what to do …”
Imagine the jobs of people, of agents in my example, could be simplified and they could be provided with clear and concise guidance so that they can make sense of all available customer information?
What if they know exactly what they should say and do next at every step of the
customer journey?
Capgemini’s, “Customer Interaction Efficiency” solution (CIE) enables companies to qualify contacts, route them to the most appropriate workers and provide the necessary supporting customer information. With the CIE solution, Capgemini brings together industry leaders Odigo and Pega to offer a complete omni-channel customer servicing that unifies all of the channels and delivers a seamless front-to-back customer experience. Odigo is Capgemini’s Multichannel/Contact Center interaction platform. It is a pay-per-use, Cloud-enabled solution that redirects customer requests to the right agent from any channel.
With CIE contextual insight, the agents’ experience is just as important as that of customers.  It provides agents with a true 360° view of the customer data, processes and an activities available on one screen integrated with existing applications. A unified desktop is a good start, but to truly simplify agents’ experience, one needs to integrate front and back office applications to fully automate request processes and offer intelligent guidance on the first attempt every time.
Based on the objectives of your business, CIE will recommend the next best appropriate action or next best offer for the agent to take in real time to ensure that they give an appropriate personalized action or offer to improve the end customers experience with the aim of increasing client satisfaction. It also provides the opportunity to cross & up-sell. 
This is possible due to the system’s ability to suggest the most appropriate action through predefined business rules and predictive analytics.
A truly digital customer experience only comes to life when put in the hands of real people rather than avatars.