At Capgemini, we have just published our second Digital Shopper Relevancy Report, which aims to understand and anticipate the changing perspectives of 18,000 active Digital Customers in 18 countries from around the world – from both high-growth markets, such as India and mature markets such as the Netherlands. 
While there are many positive findings for the retail and consumer products companies to savour, there are still issues in the digital shoppers’ minds regarding  trust, privacy of personal data and what we, form a consultancy perspective would call ‘value exchange’ and what a shopper might see as reward for loyalty.
For example, there is distrust over use of personal data; Globally, over 33% of our respondents don’t feel that they are currently being provided with clear information by retailers on how their personal data is used and the same proportion globally do not agree to their social media data being used by retailers (although there are significant variations from country to country).

From a value perspective point of view, our respondents predicted that they will be increasingly looking for financial rewards for their brand loyalty over the next three years and they are not interested in a special experience. They would be more likely to recommend a retailer or brand to friends and family, if they received monetary reward; this proved to be especially true in the emerging markets
So, what solution should there be to address these concerns? We, at Capgemini, are helping The Consumer Goods Forum and the retail and consumer products industry to develop a set of ‘Consumer Engagement Principles’ that will establish cross-stakeholder industry guidelines for engagement with consumers using digital channels.   These principles will be a declaration of the industry’s responsibility to engage with digital shoppers or consumers in a trustworthy manner.
These will be developed at an exclusive CEP workshop in New Jersey, USA on 15th-16th October and we would encourage any forward thinking retailers and consumer goods companies to join us and help the shaping of these very important principles. 
We have heard the opinions of shoppers in many countries as diverse as Portugal and China.  This is now the chance for the industry to shape its collective response and establish a better balance in the value exchange. 
Find out more via the CEP webpage, or contact The Consumer Goods Forum team at or