With the launch of Apple Watch on Sep 9, wearables are in the limelight right now, and in all probability, will take centre stage soon. As we have seen with the iPhone before, high tech devices in the hands of the consumer will once again start to revolutionize and drive the transformation of Enterprise IT as well.

What it essentially means is that the Internet of Things (IoT) will start moving into higher gears of adoption. IoT will play an increasing and critical role and will act as a change agent in all industry sectors apart from becoming inseparable part of our lives.

One of the earliest adopters has been companies like GM, with their OnStar service, before even the term was recognized by the industry. Today, IoT has several industry adoptions, with services and solutions already in the market. Some of the market segments are:

  • Smarter Buildings

    • Heating, Ventilation, AC, Security Systems
  • Connected Consumer Devices

    • Gaming Consoles, Music Players, Cameras, White goods
  • Smart Metering and Utilities
  • Connected Cars

    • Usage Based Insurance, Security Systems, Driverless cars,
  • Intelligent Healthcare

    • Monitoring Vitals, After Hospital Care, Early Warning systems

As you can clearly see, the possibilities are endless and numbers of connected devices are going to be mind blowing. Cisco and Ericsson predict that by 2020 the world will have more than 50 Billion connected devices. By 2017 IoT will alone surpass PC, tablet and phone market combined.

The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed the way we produce goods, making efficient use of energy. The Internet Revolution altered the way we communicate, leading to a “Digital” life style of information sharing, consumption and financial transactions. A combination of these two Revolutions, called the Industrial Internet, now links the communication networks, data and machines. It promises to radically change the global industry, boost productivity, change consumption patterns and launch an entirely new age of prosperous and digital living.

We, at Capgemini’s Mobile Solutions GSL, clearly see this as a big opportunity. One of the earliest offerings we have in the market is around Mobile Security, Content and Device Management. Our partnership with VM Ware on Airwatch offering, which was announced on Sep 9 (same day as Apple Watch launch) aims to position our clients better on IoT adoption, including gathering data, analytics and integration.

Clearly, there are more and exciting things to come ahead!