Initiated in 2002, Capgemini’s European Energy Markets Observatory (EEMO) is an annual report that tracks progress in establishing an open and competitive electricity and gas market in EU-28 (plus Norway and Switzerland) and the progress in reaching the EU’s 3×20 climate change objectives. The report looks at all segments of the value chain and analyzes leading edge energy themes to identify key trends in the electricity and gas industries.
Last year’s edition (the 15th) emphasized the unstable electricity and gas markets situation in Europe and presented solutions to overcome the challenges.
We analyzed the root causes of this situation:

  • A slow economy and decreasing consumption of electricity and gas
  • The EU Climate and Energy Package requiring the EU countries to reach 20% of renewable energies in the energy mix by 2020. Giving priority to renewable energy on the markets this is pushing other forms of energy, such as gas plants, to low utilization rates
  • The unconventional gas boom and low gas spot prices in the US, resulting in oversupply of coal in Europe and lowering coal prices
  • Low CO2 prices which are not favoring decarbonized installations

 One year later, what progresses have been made? Look forward the 16th edition of the Observatory, to be issued on October 28, 2014.