Sometimes I envy the companies that inflict the most environmental damage.
Okay – that, of course, is not true but here’s where it came from:
As a Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability communications person, I welcome the challenge of getting the message across and, very often, those industries that are associated with the worst aspects of environmental or community damage are also the ones with the strongest CSR programmes (think aviation, petrochemical, mining). That calls upon some serious communications skills.
And we all know the companies that do CSR communications well because they do CSR communications well.
In the IT services industry, we’re not faced with the same polarised perspectives. But my challenge is that the basic sales proposition continues to be based on conventional promises such as cost reduction and quality enhancement. That’s evolving but it still feels that we are a long way from the sales pitch that includes carbon reduction and natural world protection.
Don’t get me wrong; we wouldn’t win business (especially in public sector) unless we had very strong corporate responsibility and sustainability credentials (which we do) – but very few of our clients would make a decision to select us – or our competitors for that matter – based on a sales pitch built on carbon reduction.
That’s why Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability communications is required. CSR (we call it CR&S) remains a peripheral consideration when it comes to striking a deal. So we need to be shouting about our credentials as a differentiator because too few are asking.