Organizations of all sizes and across every industry sector are talking about data these days. It’s not just a Big Data discussion; it is all the data they have available to them and the insights they hope to gain by harnessing it.  Most organizations are confused and few use what little data they have. They are “thirsty” for a better understanding about how to turn data into information and information into insights. Progressive business leaders are demanding that their companies integrate their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems with external sources, such as social media and machine sensor data. The end goal is to deliver actionable insights quickly and in a cost-effective manner, leveraging advanced analytics.
Through advanced analytics, you can forecast future events and behaviors, allowing businesses to conduct what-if analysis to predict the effects of potential changes in business strategies. This can turn poor business decisions, made using haphazard guesswork, into well thought out and successful business decisions, improving operational efficiencies, driving revenue, and providing a competitive advantage in the market.
Today’s forward thinking, data driven business leaders are keenly aware that while the popularity of the term “analytics” is relatively new, the concept is really nothing revolutionary.  Gone are the days of simply reporting the “data”, today’s enterprises seek the means to analyze the “information” in hopes of achieving better operational efficiency, increased profitability, or a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Like never before, we see business leaders embracing new analytic capabilities to drive these results. 
Capgemini and Cloudera have been working together for more than two years helping our respective and collective customers gain insights leveraging big data technology and advanced analytic solutions. We have now developed a “How-to” guide for Big Data, the Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator. It will help our customers take their first step on Big Data, and grow to maturity the first projects they already launched, towards a true transformative, enterprise-wide Big Data Strategy. Address Big Data in its entirety: what are your business drivers, how to set up the right governance, and how to take data, platform and analytics to the next level. More at