It’s no secret that a majority of us will spend a good amount of our Capgemini career traveling, which can be hard for family, relationships, and close friends.  One way to help ease the pain is to instead of scheduling a flight home for a weekend, use that flight amount to fly one of them to you.
There may be times when you are assigned to work at an out-of-town location on a multi-week assignment (business conducted both immediately before and after a weekend).  For those weeks where weekend work is not scheduled, once a month, you’re allowed to either fly a spouse, dependant, or friend, or you can fly yourself to a third location, as long as the cost of the alt travel flight is equal to or less than your regular flight home.

Note:  Alt travels must be approved by a member of the ELT or the BU Leader.  If weekend work is scheduled, you will not be able to reimburse an alt travel flight.
For my husband and me, alt traveling not only gives us a chance to spend more time with each other and visit places we wouldn’t normally have the budget to visit, but it comes in handy for one of our larger bucket list items, to hike through all of the major US National Parks. When you couple an alt travel flight with airline and hotel points, you’ve opened up all kinds of possibilities for a fairly inexpensive vacation!  We’ve had the opportunity to travel to places such as Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, and from places like Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska (tallest mountain in North America) to the Badwater Basin of Death Valley National Park, California (lowest elevation point in the Western Hemisphere).

You may not always be able to pick your client location, but traveling doesn’t always have to be all about working hard.  Work hard, but don’t forget to maintain a good work-life balance and take advantage of the opportunities that come with working at a place like Capgemini.