End-to-end business performance management (BPM) is a critical requirement for organizations struggling to leverage available technology. This blog outlines specific actions that organizations must take to transform BPM with help of IT.

The picture below shows the limitations of IT service providers in managing business performance management with respect to business KPIs and IT SLAs.

Historically it has been observed that IT SLAs address only 65% of business KPIs & 50% of business performance management.  This is because of gaps not addressed by applications and capability of service provider along with boundaries of cost, experience and capability of service providers.

The above calls for change to how we manage and deliver IT SLAs, including business KPIs linked to gain share / risk reward pricing models, end-to-end ownership of client business KPIs. Capgemini’s business process focus (BPF) method as part of next generation AM services addresses this pertinent issue that supports to drive continuous improvement linked to business criticality and articulate corresponding impact on business value. With this we can have reliable IT SLA management which will then make business KPIs measurable and predictable.

Once we have the seamless integration of IT SLAs to business KPIs we can identify the key metrics that matter for business performance management.  This will help to provide necessary visibility into efficiency and performance to enable an organization to become more sustainable. Capgemini next generation application management services helps organizations in transparency and Real-time insight for decision making.

The industries which we have experience and expertise in this transformation are: Energy (Oil/Gas), Utilities (Metering/Billing), Retail/CPG, Manufacturing/Auto.