Monday 6:00am – You have to love Corporate Mondays! I head to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport for a 7:30am flight to Boston Logan. Hartsfield Airport is the busiest airport in the world, so security lines are almost to the door!  I quickly check into my flight on my mobile phone so that I can head straight to security. I wait in the security line for 45 minutes and arrive at my gate at 7:15am, talk about a close call!

Monday 11:15am – After catching a few zzz’s on the plane, I arrive at Boston Logan airport. First stop, lunch! I quickly grab a bite to eat and make it to the client site just in time for my 1:00pm meeting.

Monday 7:30pm – After a few meetings, catching up on emails, and completing a few tasks, I head out to dinner with my boss and co-workers. Tonight is Mexican night, so we head to Solea.

Tuesday 8:00am – I meet up with the team for breakfast. We discuss our open deliverables for the week, our strategy for completing those tasks, any potential risks that may result in a delay and set out for the client site.

Tuesday 9:00am – After responding to a few emails, I get going on my tasks. This week I am finishing up test scripts for system integration testing. My task is to create 50 scripts in preparation for next week’s system integration testing sessions. Cubist and the client will both complete the scripts (Capgemini will complete the scripts next week, and the client will complete the same scripts the following week) to ensure the system has all of the functionality to meet the client’s business (functional) needs. This is my first time creating test scripts, so I schedule a quick huddle with my team lead to review the few that I started on yesterday. He provides some feedback that I incorporate into my scripts.

Tuesday 7:30pm – I have been working on test scripts all day! While it has been a challenging experience, I am also learning how to navigate in the system we are implementing and learning much of the functionality as I go. I head to dinner with my co-workers and get an early night’s rest.

Wednesday 9:00am – After a morning meeting with the project team, the client has concerns over the schedule. They uncertain of their comfort level with navigating in the system and want us to assist them with testing. During the meeting, we quickly come up with a solution. We will spread the testing over a 2 week period, working collaboratively, so Capgemini will assist the client with their test scripts. In this way, we will stay on track with regards to the project schedule, complete the project deliverable, and help educate the client on their new system! I work for the rest of the day on test scripts.

Thursday 9:00am – I give a report out on my progress with regards to the testing scripts during the morning meeting with the project team. I have completed 45/50 of the test scripts and the project team is pleased with my progress. I ensure the team I will be able to complete the other 5 scripts before noon.

Thursday 12:00pm – After completing the remaining 5 scripts and reviewing them with my team lead, I send the completed deliverable to the entire project team for their review (both Capgemini and the client). I instruct those that will complete the scripts to review them and email me with questions or concerns by next Monday. I then schedule a 30 minute meeting for next Monday with the team to address any questions/concerns they may have so that we can start testing promptly on Tuesday morning.

Thursday 2:00pm – Thursday is travel day, so I head to the Boston Logan Airport to fly back home to Atlanta. It has been a long week, but still not over! Although we work from home on Friday, there is much work to do (weekly status meeting call, in-office activity calls, new campus hire calls, manufacturing transformation call, etc…). All in all, I love my job!