Since the release of the 5th edition of the World Quality Report, I have been sharing our research results with our clients all over Europe. On Wednesday this week, we have another chance to meet IT professionals in HP Discover in Barcelona at our session on the latest trends uncovered in the report.

One of the areas we will discuss is the remarkable rise of the number of companies implementing Test Centres of Excellence. From last year’s 6% to this year’s 19%, it is not a trend that goes unnoticed. Even though surprisingly high in terms of increase, centralization and industrialization of testing is not surprising for us to see happening. Especially in a period where companies are scrutinized for every single error or defect that they have in their applications.

This growth towards standardization and thus efficiency is a positive sign towards functional maturity – it is the start of a journey towards the achievement of even faster time to market, better quality products and lower costs of testing.

We will discuss this and many more trends in more detail in our session on Wednesday at 9am at HP Discover Barcelona. Do stop by if you are going to be there! For a copy of the full report, go here