Now What? Make TechnoVision YOUR tool!

So you took the time to read through TechnoVision 2014. Maybe you liked some of the graphics. Some views caught your fancy. Some names irked you. Overall, we hope a picture of our near technology future emerged – an amazing picture of radical change.
Now what? Forget it? Go to the next agenda item? Put it aside for a while? Wait for the 2015 update? Wait for the future to just happen?
Here is our suggestion: make TechnoVision your tool.
TechnoVision is a multi-purpose tool, you can use it for five different purposes:
1) as a tool to LEARN

Each of the building blocks opens up learning avenues. Each describes a design principle or a trend in a few words – the place and direction to start digging, taking clues from the CTO blog entries and the suggested publications and papers. And the clusters provide the structure to organize learning – making it so much easier.
2) as a tool to COMMUNICATE

TechnoVision aims at clarity. Use it to discuss technology with your colleagues and partners. Making technology palatable and understandable to business has always been a major objective of Capgemini’s successive TechnoVision series. Now that technology is an essential component of business thinking, business should be – and will be – eager to get the best understanding as early as possible – not to appreciate how to translate business into technology, but to grasp how technology creates business opportunities.
3) as a tool to DESIGN

Digital Transformation changes businesses in depth and breadth. Every function, every process, every plan is touched. The opportunities are too numerous to count – and they never stop changing. By way of contrast, standstill could well be deadly. Even more than with classical information, the transformers need to know where they are going – what should my digital enterprise look like? As TechnoVision gives a broad view of the possibilities, combining immediate impacts with longer-term trends, it will help you design what you want to achieve.
4) as a tool to REPOSITION

Once your design is clear, the transformation task will look ominous. With so much on your plate already, how could you possibly add new endeavors, new projects?

TechnoVision will help you look at your efforts under way, and for each of them ask yourself: Is it Design(ed) for Digital? Is it at the right technical level? How future-proof is it? And maybe most importantly: Does it bring me closer to the Digital Enterprise model? With the answers to these questions, you can then reposition your projects, tune them, adjust them – adding this big data dimension, strengthening that aspect of mobility, linking with those touchpoints of the customer experience. As a result, in addition to their original objectives, they will move you – in a modest way, in a good way, in a crucial way – towards your digital future.
5) as a tool to TRANSFORM

In Digital Transformation projects, it will come as no surprise that technology plays a significant role … provided technology is well understood and well mastered. We hope the TechnoVision tool will help you on both counts, so that your transformation is technologically inspired, technology driven and fun. Because don’t forget: Technology has transformed our ways of living and working – sometimes with a little pain but typically for our pleasure and enjoyment. Why not aim for the same in the Digital Transformation of our businesses? 
As you make TechnoVision 2014 your tool, don’t forget one of our crucial building blocks: End User, End Producer. We count on you to help improve what we have and produce the next updates!

This contribution by Pierre Hessler  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2014 update series. See the overview here.

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