One of the most important findings of Capgemini’s joint, multi-year research with the MIT Center For Digital Business shows that successful Digital Transformation depends on the right level of intensity in both embracing technologies that can change the organization as well as in creating the leadership and governance to make change actually happen.

Now, as this is the CTO Blog and considerable insights have been published already around the governance dimension, let’s shift our focus for this occasion a bit more towards technology. Actually, we are introducing TechnoVision 2014 to you, the next installment of a series we started quite some time ago to describe and organize trends in technologies that have transformative potential.

For 2014, we have created a rigorous update that returns to the core, technology foundation of TechnoVision in order to make it a natural companion to our Digital Transformation framework. TechnoVision 2014 consists of 37 building blocks, but don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed: there is a simple structure of seven containers that hold these blocks and provides the necessary overview.

Each building block is described through a separate blog post on the CTO Blog with many contributions of Capgemini’s leading technology experts. It equips with at least 37 interesting perspectives on the way technology will shape business change in 2014.

As you can imagine, there are many different ways to apply these perspectives, for example when crafting an IT strategy plan or a solution architecture, but just as much when running an innovation workshop or having an in-depth dialogue with the business about technology drivers. In addition to the building block posts we have released several posts with crucial, contextual insights:

– The role of TechnoVision 2014 within our Digital Transformation framework 

– The design rationale behind the Technovision 2014 clusters

How to weave together the TechnoVision 2014 building blocks into compelling story lines that address very specific Business Technology questions

Five different next steps to take after you have internalized TechnoVision 2014

As you may recall from earlier TechnoVision versions, we categorize technologies with business change potential in 6 clusters, two of them covering the foundational building blocks of any IT landscape (‘Invisible Infostructure’ for infrastructure and ‘Sector as a Service’ for core applications); two of them covering crucial IT capablities to deal with continual change (‘Thriving on Data’ for leveraging information and ‘Process On the Fly’ to manage processes); and the final two providing organizational access to the outside, connected world (‘You Experience’ for creating compelling, individualized user experiences and ‘We Collaborate’ to tap into the power of social). Also, there is a cluster of overarching design principles that should be applied throughout (for this new version renamed ‘Design For Digital’).

For your reference, underneath provides an overview of these 7 clusters and 37 building blocks that constitute TechnoVision 2014. By all means share your builds with us, we intend to update regularly!

Design For Digital. Contemporary design principles that should be applied to all business technology challenges in a Digital Transformation context.

1.     Born in the Cloud
2.     Build Social
3.     SMAC It Up
4.     Business, Mon Amour
5.     No Requirements
6.     From Train To Scooter
7.     Think Design

Invisible Infostructure. Infrastructure that evolves into an invisible but extremely information-rich foundation for business.

1.     Virtual Lego
2.     What Would Amazon Do?
3.     Bon Risk Appétit
4.     Let’s Get Physical
5.     Orchestrate for Simple

Sector as a Service. Radically rationalizing the core applications landscape to meet the new expectations of the business side.

1.     Vanilla Tastes Good
2.     Reborn In The Cloud
3.     Elastic Business
4.     Close To The Edge
5.     No App Apps

Thriving On Data. Building real business change through usable insights, distilled from an abundance of data.

1.     My Data Is Bigger Than Yours
2.     Intelligence Inside
3.     Real Real Time
4.     The Art of Data
5.     Data Apart Together

Process on the Fly. Creating and managing processes that are in full sync with the volatile dynamics of business.

1.     Shades Of Process
2.     Process Is The New App
3.     No Process
4.     String Of Silos
5.     Co-Process
You Experience. Exploring the potential of the highly individualized, all-channel user experience.

1.     Object Of Desire
2.     Zen Of The Task
3.     Sweat The Assets
4.     Get A Life
5.     End User, End Producer

We Collaborate. Leveraging the power of the crowd to do better and different business.

1.     Social Is The New Oil
2.     Profile As A Currency
3.     Social Workers
4.     No Work
5.     Friend Your Vending Machine