As is the same with many people who live beautiful cities, I was always proud to be from Vancouver, Canada, and never believed that I would move away from my hometown.  So The Toronto kyline at nightfour weeks into my employment with Capgemini when the opportunity arose to go to Toronto for a month, I accepted thinking that after a month I would be excited to head back home to Vancouver.  Much to my surprise I enjoyed living in Toronto; it’s new and exciting and there is a never-ending list of things to do and see!  So when the project I was working on got extended, I approached my manager about relocating to Toronto and continuing in my current role.  So here I am now three months later; I live in downtown Toronto in a condo with a roommate who is a friend of my co-worker and I am LOVING it!

Thinking back on things, I can pinpoint several reasons why relocating was the best choice for me:


  • At the end of my university education, I felt adrift.  When you no longer have the fact that you are a student tying you down and you have a degree that opens lots of doors, the world is wide open.  There are endless options and opportunities, and if you don’t have a clear direction things can be so overwhelming that you don’t do anything!  Moving to Toronto gave me this direction and I now feel like a young professional, not a university student who is working.
  • It forces you out of your comfort zone.  Instead of relying on your friends from high school to go out with on the weekend, you meet new people and have new experiences.  Rather than continuing to live at home with my parents for another year or two, I got an apartment downtown and am within walking distance of anywhere I could ever want to go!
  • Getting exposure working in head offices and at major organizations.  While Vancouver is a major city, there simply are not the same number of head offices and multi-national organizations operating there as compared to Toronto.  Having the opportunity to work at client sites of major organizations is exciting and provides great work experience.

Overall, the fact that Capgemini offers relocation opportunities to those who are interested is a major selling point to me now.  Who knows, I may decide to relocate overseas in a few years!  While the life of being a travelling consultant is glamorous, the fact that we are offered permanently-based opportunities in other cities is just as exciting!