Capgemini’s Women LEAD Group

One of the best ways to get involved in Capgemini outside of your project is to join an Employee Resource Group (ERG).  One such group is Women LEAD (Leadership, Excellence, Action, Development).

Women LEAD is a group for anyone interested in building and promoting a community of respect, regardless of gender.  It works to attract, retain, and support women within Capgemini, and it enables the execution of women’s development activities and the communication of the positive impact gender diversity and inclusion has on our business.  In short, Women LEAD is for anyone who wants to support closing the gender gap.
Women LEAD programs occur at the international, national, and local office levels.

Some of the international accomplishments include CG Norway being elected as the IT Company of the Year for promoting women, and CG France increasing the percentages of women at each level.
Some of the national accomplishments are:


  • Proposing two work-life balance initiatives to be implemented in North America.
  • Analyzing current women’s and support programs offered at Capgemini and developing a full list to build awareness.
  • Hosting a discussion of Lean In, a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

Some of the events held at the local offices include:



  • The Atlanta Chapter hosted a Non-Verbal Communication Workshop (handshakes, facial expressions, etc).
  • The Dallas Women’s Council had their annual “Back to School” drive benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter.
  • The Rosemont office held a Women LEAD lunch and guest speaker event.

By joining Women LEAD, you can expect to expand your Capgemini network, learn about women in the workplace, and participate in fun/meaningful events!
If you’d like to learn more or learn how to get involved, please email me at or reach out to the head of Women LEAD North America,