Starting your career after college may simply feel like the next step at the time of graduation, but it is a huge step, and one that will impact the course of the next years and possibly decades of your life. It is important that when you are considering companies with which you would like to work that you know more than just their 7 core values or their compensation package details. It is important to know what your day to day life may be like once you begin working.


During the interview process in my last semester of college, I always found myself asking the question, “Can you tell me about the opportunities your company provides?” This was usually answered with a name of a position the company was looking to fill and an overarching job description.

Job Title: Capgemini Staff Consultant

Description: Working in a team environment, Staff Consultants will focus on the analysis, design and development of technology-based solutions for Capgemini’s clients.

You will work alongside technical, functional and industry specialists to assist with the development, implementation and integration of innovative system solutions including methods, techniques and tools.
You will contribute to client satisfaction by providing timely and responsive value added services and work products.

There are many more opportunities working with Capgemini than those listed above, but what are they?

This blog is intended answer that exact question. A recruiter may be able to give you an idea of the projects you may work on, the travel opportunities you may receive, details about benefits, and so forth, there are many perspectives that you cannot discover in a one hour meet and greet session.  This blog has a writing staff of consultants that will post about their experiences in their first few years at Capgemini, so that potential campus hires as well as our fellow consultants have a more clear idea of what life as a Capgemini consultant looks like in the early stages of your career.

The past fifteen months have provided me with countless opportunities to learn about myself as a consultant, about Capgemini as a worldwide organization, about working with different clients and cultures, the impact of technology on businesses and much more. The opportunities are not only available through training and working with the client, but through internal involvement.

I have had many opportunities to work in different positions on several projects. I have been involved in our Employee Resource Groups, have volunteered at the local food bank with over 50 of my co-workers from the Houston office and have been able to help plan multiple in office events. This blog though, was not an opportunity broadcast through email or mandated by a superior. This blog exists because I took initiative to start to fill a gap in the recruiting process. In my perspective, the ability to enact change in such an early stage of my career is one of the most exciting opportunities of all.