We’ll be demonstrating our game-changing t-Police field solution at Oracle Open World this month. It’s a cutting-edge law enforcement solution that enhances the frontline by providing polices officers with the right information, at the right time, in the right place.
Using t-Police field, officers can enter incident and crime information via mobile devices at the scene, capture leads while out in the community and exchange information with the office and colleagues in real time, rather than waiting to return to the office.
t-Police field is enabling fragmented investigation, evidence, and intelligence information to be brought together in a single, integrated system. Information streams ranging from video surveillance and mobile communications to criminal databases can be connected to identify trends and patterns. Links to virtual records, custody suites and case preparation processes can all be incorporated as components in a tailored t-Police field solution.
The result? Forces have ability to make more informed decisions for effective policing, from incident to prosecution and beyond.
t-Police field is one half of Capgemini’s innovative t-Police IT backbone built on Oracle technology. Its counterpart is t-Police support, providing a back-office component. t-Police is the first solution to provide both front- and back-office components, which can be sold either together or separately. Both are interoperable so that information entered in t-Police field is available in t-Police support and vice versa.
The platform is pre-configured with standard police processes that will help police organizations quickly reduce costs and improve effectiveness. By recognizing the value of information as an asset, t-Police field enables more effective deterrence and better collaboration between police organizations and partner agencies.
t-Police field has been designed for real-world policing, where real-time information helps to prevent crime and track criminals.

To find out more about t-Police, view the video here http://bit.ly/16p3bBT.