With only a few days left before Oracle OpenWorld 2013 will start, it’s good to spend some time on predictions of what is to come and what to look for specifically @ the event.
This year, Oracle expects over 50.000 people at it’s yearly global event and these are the topics I believe that will be the top priority ones:

Customer Experience
Needless to say that Customer Experience is a hot topic for Oracle in the last couple of years. Taking a look at all the acquisitions Oracle has been conducting in the past, this year has been about converging these solutions and making components work even closer together than they already could.

This year instead of having a separate conference (like last year) there is a separate track on Customer Experience, with a couple of high value partners that sponsor the event.
Oracle and their partners will share their view on determining Business Vision on Customer Experience  building a strategy and roadmap for transforming towards a full all-channel customer experience and most important how to really get value from that.

Capgemini is supporting this event by presenting, showcasing and interacting.
We will present our view on how to implement best in class customer experience specifically in the Retail, as well as in the Utilities sector.
Over in the exhibitor grounds we will be showcasing our best practices and ready to implement solutions based on Oracle technology. 
And of course lots of opportunities to interact with our Experts on the topic of All-Channel Experience, face-to-face or through social media.

Why we are stressing this topic so heavily is obvious: We believe that Customer Experience is one of the most important topics for business in todays era of the customer driven world. To address this as an organisation you should be focused on how you want to be relevant to your customer, who that customer is, how you transform your organisation towards a customer centric one and of course how you should implement IT solutions that make a good All-Channel Experience reality.
At the end of the day, you want your customers to become your fans.  

Cloud, Big data and Engineered systems
Three other big topics that actually are very much aligned with the topic of Customer Experience are Oracle Cloud, how Oracle covers Big Data and how the engineered systems support this.
I expect more in depth announcements in area of cloud on the way Oracle partners with others like Microsoft and SFDC. In the recent past there have been rumours about Oracle rebranding their Cloud offerings and moving away from the Fusion Applications brand, positioning Oracle in a certain way towards their competitors… One thing is sure, Oracle is transforming to become a cloud company and making changes in order for the organisation to be able to handle the new business models to come with it, but still making the same amount of money.

Be sure not to mis our view on how to apply Oracle cloud applications as they will increasingly help businesses adapt to changes at cloud speed.

On Big Data, of course a better insight can be expected on how engineered systems as well as the new Database 12c can give better and broader support for handling Big Data. In the same time sharing new features and evolution of Oracle’s analytics tools to make sense of all internal as well as external, social data.

I don’t want to keep you from an upcoming topic for Oracle, as they are trying to become part of the wave of the Internet of Things. Mostly showing how Oracle’s product stack is and will be supporting it. To be continued I believe as this is in some industries a key part of something like Customer Experience, like smart technologies in the Utilities sector.

As you can see there is a lot to be watching at this years Oracle OpenWorld, want to be guided through the highlights? 
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