Transformation, collaboration, continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Lean Management Systems are not just words, but skill sets that are coveted in Outsourcing. At Capgemini all of these tools are used to execute improvements that are reflected in the iPortal. Conceived by Adam Bujak, and developed under the expert project management skills of Mariusz Mroz in BPO, the iPortal has become the score card to tally Continuous Improvement benefits for the entire Capgemini Group…not just BPO.

This functional and truly amazing tool coordinates all of requirements for managing continuous improvement/ innovation programs for both Capgemini, and for our participating customers. That’s correct, the iPortal was designed for both Capgemini and our customers…it offers insight into improvement efforts at any level of granularity required. The level of transparency that is provided is extraordinary; it fosters collaboration, it documents success, and it provides guidance for fact base decision making.  Its main components are:

Submission of ideas, improvement campaigns, and customizable project review capability that extremely flexible. 

Submit Project
Projects submissions, and progress tracking from inception to closure.

Improvement targets and progress against those targets by benefit type…this facilitates an organizations improvement plan and the alignment to an organizations strategy, visible to all appropriate levels of the organization

Best practice, benchmarking, and sharing becomes easy with the cataloguing of the best improvement efforts in iShare. 

And again, the iPortal will do all of this for our customers! Critically important improvement efforts that impact both the customer and Capgemini, can be tracked and reported at virtually any level of granularity desired. Transparency, through on demand updates improves measurement accuracy, provides our customers with insight into how we are transforming “our Operations.”    

The iPortal has raised the bar for client transformation and continuous Improvement. This is one of the most powerful levers that Outsourcing executives can pull when facilitating the transformation of a clients operations. Being able to document and validate benefits for our clients, provides true insight into the impact organization’s P&L or how much operational productivity has increased.

In BPO, the impact on a customer’s operations has long existed, and has always been difficult to deliver. With this real time scorecard, insight into your improvement program is just a click away.  Requests for iPortal demonstrations can be arranged in any geography, and typically takes less than an hour. If you are a Capgemini BPO customer, or are an interested potential customer who desires to see what is possible, the capabilities of the iPortal will be of interest to you. This is surely one of the most flexible, and economical tools available to organizations to manage an continuance improvement journey.

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