A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing to the Capgemini Sales Team a new solution offering as part of our portfolio of Content Management solutions. I’ll explain a little more about the solution, entitled Collaborative Customer Interactions Management (CCIM), but first I wanted to reflect on the growing trend for solutions within the ECM market. Ever since its release we have seen the more traditional ECM vendors position themselves against the rise of SharePoint. Different vendors have found different areas but a number are now focussing on business centred solutions, these have sometimes been termed Case Management solutions or more recently Smart Process Apps. It doesn’t really matter what we call them, the point is they provide frameworks and accelerators for solutions to be built which answer specific business problems. In Capgemini we have delivered a number of these and CCIM is a strong addition to these solutions.
CCIM is built to help organisations improve the way they service their customers. We still see a number of organisations who are faced with challenges and difficulties when managing their customers:
– customer requests take too long to process. With an increasing number of channels to server this problem is only being exarcebated;
– mistakes are made as documents related to the customer are lost. Typically traditional CRM systems are weak on Document Management and need additional tools to manage and process this information;
– poor processes used in serving customer needs. Typically processes are not only weak but also manual, plus there is typically very poor insight and analytics on both the performance of the processes but also the customer feedback.
Together with IBM we have built a solution which comprises a consistent set of tools to address new products, service customers and detect trends and sentiment analysis. The solution consists of a series of accelerators bundled together as a solution. The accelerators include process templates, customer interaction scripts, reporting and activity monitoring dashboards and proven connectivity with CRM systems.
The solutions provides a number of benefits for our customers, including:
– reducing the time to implement new customer processes by up to 50%;
– reducing the time to service a customer request by up to 30%;
– reducing customer churn by 5%;
– increased quality of customer service through more informed and empowered customer service agents;
– improved monitoring of customer service activity;
As organisations face up to increasing expectations from customers we believe solutions like CCIM will enable our customers to meet these expectations head on.