Yesterday I attended a session with Netbase the Social Media monitoring solution that partners with SAP as part of their CRM 360 initiative. This is a very powerful piece of software that provides the ability to analyse the wealth of social media information out there to the benefit of the client.  We were given a very detailed demonstration of how it is used and it was very impressive. There was even some joviality where we found out that in the US (or maybe just in the Netbase database) the end of a bell, when used to describe something or someone, is seen as positive sentiment whereas in the UK it’s probably not so positive.

This session led me to thinking about another blog that I’d read earlier in the week about Right Data, not Big Data. And it is all now starting to fall into place!
Netbase are not the only Social Media Monitoring tools out there but they are pursuing a different course than others by partnering with SAP and this, I believe, is where the value will come because the value in Big Data will be deciding what is the right data, deciding what you do with it and this approach provides a closed loop approach.
The drive to Digital, which is where this fits, so far has involved a plethora of best of breed applications that require integration either at the front end or at the application level. Now whilst the drive of any new IT initiative involves the creation of small innovative software companies initially the hype cycle very quickly moves to have these pieces of software integrated into larger applications thereby delivering a lower overall TCO and better, more efficient process delivery.

Having seen this many times before I believe that just as the development of new technology is accelerating it now looks like the rate that these technologies become effectively integrated accelerates. And there is a key point here about effective integration. The integration that was shown into SAP was not the kind that is advocated by many platform vendors where integration is often at the database level or through some form of Interface or Web services, call it what you will, this integration is within the Business Process – we are approaching true Embedded Analytics.

Capgemini has done a mapping recently to understand how SAP components can support a number of use cases around Consumer Centricity. The technology clearly supports this but, by virtue of the fact it is from a single vendor, a truly integrated business process can be delivered and at this point the value can be achieved.
So, whilst a lot of social media analytics might be “all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order” an integrated platform with the right data, AND the right process, will finally allow the tune to ring through.