May 9th was Global Accessibility Awareness Day and whilst we seek to promote awareness of Accessibility on this day, it is important to remember that the job does not stop there, my friends – we have to raise awareness every day. I want to do my bit to increase awareness of Accessibility, by sharing a recent experience of mine with you. A couple of weeks back, I was going into work like any other day and it suddenly hit me – Hay Fever. By the time I got to my desk, my eyes were puffed up, became itchy, red and started watering. I could not concentrate on my work for the rest of the day, mostly because I was finding it difficult to read my screen or documents through my itchy, watery eyes. It was late afternoon before my eyes returned to some kind of normalcy. Being a staunch promoter of Accessibility within Capgemini, I mentally berated myself for making such a fuss over a simple allergy. I know and work with colleagues who suffer from visual impairment and experience much, much worse every day of their life.
It is easy for us to forget the day to day experience of people with disabilities, and I was thankful for the brief reminder. Every single one of us has to do their bit to increase awareness of Accessibility, and events such as the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, help build awareness about making the world a more equal place for everyone. If anyone thinks this does not affect them, then remember that many people become disabled during their working life (2% of the working population in the UK become disabled every year), so this can affect anyone.
Please join me in increasing the awareness of Accessibility!
Guest blog by Vasan Srinivasan
Vasan is an experienced strategic thinker and manager, whose career spans 26 years in IT working in a variety of roles spanning IT Strategy, Service Management, Operations and Application Development. He is currently a Senior Delivery Manager focussing on promoting Accessibility services within Capgemini.