You may have caught an (as always) astute publication from Gartner called, “Gartner Says Service-Led Solutions Will Displace Traditional Sourcing Approaches Through 2015”. On the face of it, this headline may seem to be stating the obvious but analysts like Gartner and service providers like Capgemini have recognised that, behind the headline, a significant change of corporate mindset is required. I’ve written about this before when I asked if we were witnessing the end of traditional IT outsourcing.
However, I wanted to concentrate on one particular directive by Gartner. In their recommendations to IT service providers, they instruct us to “Stop undifferentiated bland marketing messages” (so, just to warn you, the rest of this blog will be about marketing).
I’m hoping regular readers of the CTO Blog will agree that I have been advocating this message for some time. For too long, outsourcers have focussed on the ‘cost out’ message and, frankly, that has become tiresome, even irritating, to those buying an IT service.
In my experience, the canny CIO wants to know how an IT service provider can provide business value and help her business to differentiate themselves in their market-place. Certainly, cost reduction is important but not at any price. Cost reduction is not an excuse for poor service and should certainly not inhibit a business from innovating and deriving real business value from its IT suppliers. This is a key tenet of our Service Integration & Orchestration value propositions and will continue as we help our clients towards, what Gartner terms, service-led solutions.