Social Media- Informed Decisioning

Elections are a nation’s way of reviewing the progress and well being of its citizens, its position and strength in the global fraternity. The entire election exercise spans across a couple of years ,starting from campaigns in public media, conventions, debates and other welfare activities eventually leading to the Election Day.

Though elections happens once in 4 years or in some cases earlier based on the instability of the government, decisions are usually made, based on activities and noise that happens a couple of weeks or months prior to the Election Day. Citizens make choices based on debates, speeches, campaigns, and entrance poll results. Information from all these sources converges to become what is called the social media, and this is what impacts the new generation citizens called netizens or cybercitizens.

These netizens are highly influenced by current and archived information that are available in the social media; they religiously browse thru content from their desired sources on a frequent basis. They bookmark sources of interest ranging from, taxation to defense spend, agriculture funding to foreign policies, nuclear strategy to education and more. This way of being informed and keeping a tab on areas that are of importance to them will help the citizens make a choice of whom they would want to put in power  or support to make a difference for them.

The World Wide Web and search engines like Google help you collate all information that you need on a topic or an area of intrest.However these instruments, do not provide a 360 degree dashboard on the latest trends and updates on the areas of interest nor will provide real time statistics and intelligence. This leads to a superficially well thought decision by the citizens while casting their vote.

To empower netizens make better and well informed choices backed with data, technologies like BPM coupled with business intelligence and analytic tools provide the capability of comparing information on topics from various sources and rating it based on the credibility of the source. These solutions provide a grass root level insight and present the findings in the form of traceable results; it helps you analyze information on a particular topic from archives and latest NEWS to highlight and present the viewpoint of the contesting groups on your topic of interest.

Social platforms powered by technologies like BPM, BI , social monitoring and analytics not only help citizens to make wiser and informed choices, but also helps contesting parties to have an insight into the social pulse or opinion, on a frequent basis and helps them preemptively take remediation actions in the event of a citizen sentiment slippage in the negative direction.