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 Organizational Response to Individual Leadership.

By Max Tau, Capgemini Netherlands

The 2013 Nyenrode Career Challenge has begun. With an EMBA or MSc in Controlling from Nyenrode University up for grabs, an international pool of contestants are stepping up to address their vision for sustainable value chains.

A call for sustainable ideas has been made by Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. Hundreds of young, ambitious, and interested participants will have a chance at a scholarship to Nyenrode’s MBA program. This year’s Career Challenge is co-sponsored by Capgemini Netherlands.

Contestants will write from the perspective of CEO or CFO and discuss their 10 year vision for sustainability value within a company (existing or made up). Capgemini Benelux Application Services CEO Jeroen Versteeg will be among the 7 Jury members of this year’s competition.

 “You truly see that society wants politicians and companies to solve the sustainability challenge that we have together.” Explains Versteeg in a video outlining his vision for sustainability. Stressing that there is a need for innovation and education to achieve sustainability. A political, social, and environmental stability are in the balance as the “paradigms shift” in geo-economical realities.”Nyenrode and Capgemini work together because we are both leaders in our own field. We share the same view on sustainability. But most of all, we feel responsible to take a leading role in this change.”

 The value of the MBA is incalculable, but costs can rise into the EUR 50,000 range. Which is very interesting to young professionals and recent graduates looking to sharpen their management skills. Bas Rookhuijzen MBA, Global Account Manager at Capgemini Netherlands, is a Nyenrode EMBA alumnus and current PhD student researching the effect of “corporate investments in sustainability on the integrity of the total value chain”. Bas will also participate as a jury member along side leaders of Nyenrode, International Correspondant, and student leaders.


I will be participating and look forward to submitting my essay by the deadline of 18 November 2012.