In our series of posts on Oracle Fusion CRM we earlier discussed key features of Fusion CRM and more recently we shared our initial thoughts. In this and forthcoming posts we will highlight specific functionality and discuss some of the game changing features in detail. Let’s start with Fusion Marketing.

Oracle’s Marketing Portfolio

Marketing functionality can be found in many Oracle CRM products like the Siebel CRM product suite, with support for offline and e-mail campaigns, multi-stage campaigns and integrated Marketing Resource Management (MRM).

In Oracle’s SaaS offering CRM On Demand, support for bulk e-mail campaigns was exchanged for On Demand Marketing, a software suite that was integrated over a year ago after the acquisition of Market to Lead. This introduced rich functionality with support for web marketing and e-mail marketing. It also brought campaign automation by means of a graphical campaign editor to the SaaS offering. We often hear that users find the marketing module difficult to use. Although Oracle provided some level of integration, it is clearly a separate application.

Marketing built for Sales

With Fusion CRM, the best of both worlds come together in an all new user interface which is easier to use than ever before.  The application still has a graphical campaign editor and is based on  familiar concepts like campaigns, treatments and offers. The user experience has been greatly improved. Following the “what you get is what you need” principle we discussed in the previous post, you can create a complex multi-stage campaign by following a wizard like process, guiding you through the various steps in a structured way. Exactly what the marketing department is asking for.

Screenshot of Fusion Marketing Source: Oracle

Fusion CRM also introduces new features. One of the most interesting options we found is the possibility for the marketing department to create a marketing campaign (also called a sales campaign) and make it available for the sales force. A Sales Manager can use the marketing collateral and make some modifications to adjust the marketing message to the individual that will be targeted. The Marketing department can be assured that the key message and look and feel remain the same as Sales users are prevented to edit specific sections.

Improved Business Intelligence provides more flexibility in creating reports, now fully integrated in the user interface. Specific reports can be made for the Marketing and Sales departments, showing only relevant information for the target groups. We will elaborate on the BI improvements in a future blogpost.

In this release support for MRM is not available, and it is not known if this will be forthcoming. If this functionality is required in your organization, Fusion provides the capabilities to expand the application so that this really can’t be marked as a weakness. Support for web campaigns, next to the already available e-mail campaigns, has already been announced for an upcoming release.

What’s in it for Sales?

When we combine the marketing functionality with the powerful analytical features that enable an automated generation of leads based on a self learning predictive model, we can provide Sales Managers with unprecedented possibilities to target the RIGHT leads with the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time. Though this might sound a bit complex or even too good to be true, in practice it is very easy to apply in a Sales Manager’s daily routine. In fact, we found it to be much more user friendly compared to the functionality offered in Siebel and CRM On Demand.

Marketing & Sales alignment

Next to an improved campaign flow and the obvious efficiency gains, new functionality is introduced to close the gap between the sales and marketing department.

What we see happening in practice is that sales blames marketing for sending low quality leads, and marketing blames sales for not doing anything with the generated leads. Oracle Fusion CRM offers the right tooling to break this vicious circle. By increasing the lead quality by using out of the box Fusion CRM tools, Marketing can focus on designing high quality, appealing marketing collateral, instead of worrying on the lead quality. Sales can be assured of the lead quality, and focus on what their good at; selling the companies goods and/or services. Thereby they are assured they respect the relation.

What’s in it for you?

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities Fusion Marketing has to offer and how this fits in your current application landscape, we’ll be happy to organize a demo. At Capgemini, a dedicated team is more than happy to discuss the business benefits Fusion Marketing has to offer.