Currently, there are not many mobile apps available in the market related to Oracle EBS. Oracle provides only a few mobile apps for Business Intelligence and Oracle Approvals. Further, Oracle does not have any plans to build and release such apps in the future for EBS. Hence there are a lot of opportunities for the partners to develop such Apps. An example for EBS apps will be to build one for Oracle Time & Labour (used for filling timesheets).

Mobile Apps for EBS can be developed using any of the following approach:

1) Oracle Mobile ADF technology & SOA Suite: By leveraging the powerful Oracle Application Development Platform (ADF) along with SOA Suite, one can develop online Web applications for mobile browsers as well as on-device, off line capable mobile applications that run, using the native components of mobile devices. Oracle ADF supports two types of mobile applications:

 ADF Mobile Client Applications: Rich & powerful application running on the device leveraging device native services & UI. It’s more a kind of Hybrid App. This is useful when there is a need for deep integration with the mobile device capabilities OR to work in offline mode
 ADF Mobile Browser Applications: Connected Web application optimized for running in mobile device browsers. This method still offers the same kind of user interface look and feel as is provided by native application look and feel. Also the apps support all kind of browsers.

Further, Oracle ADF provides the benefit of ‘Develop Once and Deploy to Multiple Platforms’. Once an app is developed, you can create different platform specific deployment profiles in order to deploy the same application to multiple devices. This will save a lot of time and cost for the customer. Also building the apps using ADF technology does not require Mobile development talent of different Mobile software. However the only catch point is that Mobile ADF technology is new.

It is worthwhile to note that Oracle ADF can support any kind of mobile apps development
within your organization/enterprise.

2) Mobile specific App Development & Oracle SOA Suite: Mobile Apps can also be developed by using Oracle SOA Suite. However building the apps using SOA technology still requires mobile development talent of different mobile software. An example of a Technical architecture using the Mobile Specific App Development will be as below:


I personally feel that one should develop APP using Oracle ADF technology – that’s where the future is!!!