Reading through annual reports has become a hobby of mine in recent weeks. Capgemini’s clients are experiencing challenges and triumphs that seem to work in concert towards a promising end to the sluggish crisis period.

What has become apparent to me is a verbal and written dedication towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. These words spell out things like “80% recycled sourcing by 2015” and “a 15% reduction in water usage by…”. These are tangable and ambitious goals being put forth by global players. These promising indicators provide real leads for companies like Capgemini to step in with a host of sustianability solutions to help achieve these goals.

Our partnerships with global leaders in tech solutions for sustainability place us in a position ready to act.

By challenging industry with an operational dedication towards sustainable action we nurture the transition into a future where impact accountability is recorded and used to curb unneccessary cost and environmental damage.

Within new standard ERP solutions we are finding innovative sustainability additions. SAP’s Transportation Management has included a GreenOrder element to track the CO2 produced by the transportation elements within a product’s lifecycle. Oracle, IBM, CA and Microsoft have all come out with variations that include similar components that aim to assist in environmental KPI achievement.

By synchronizing the supply chain impact data with other process related CO2 data, companies can provide evidence of reductions or work to target increases in impact. We see this as a positive development.

Capgemini looks forward to refining our partnership level agreements with the major software and hardware providers in order to create this operational dedication.