Early 2012 Scrum.org asked 3 partners to join in organizing a Scrum Day Europe in the Netherlands; Capgemini, CodeCentric and Prowareness. As did the other partners, Capgemini decided to co-organize and sponsor this. The first edition of this event took place on 11 July 2012. More than 130 enthusiast people gathered at a beautiful location near the Amsterdam docks (Netherlands).

Let me hereby share Capgemini’s impressions on the event.

The audience was larger than the initial objective and the level of executive representation also surpassed the expectations. It shows how fast the Netherlands are adopting agile. Within Capgemini globally, Financial Services Netherlands-Belgium-Switzerland is clearly in a forerunner position.

Ken Schwaber opened the day with an inspiring talk on the global accomplishments of Scrum and the positive change it has caused in the software industry. He was delighted about the way this change is locally being embraced and announced he is working on further evolutions of the Scrum framework towards management levels.

Svenja de Vos, IT Director of Tele2, gave a high-energy talk introducing her very practical experience of a ‘big bang’ move to Scrum.

Overall, Capgemini was well represented:

  • The Dutch Scrum coaches Coos van de Berg and Eric Roos talked about the ‘people’ impact of a Scrum transformation and how to deal with this as a coach.
  • Another Dutch Scrum coach, Eric Bunk, co-facilitated an OpenSpace session with Prowareness colleague and Professional Scrum trainer Rob van Lanen.
  • Julian Holmes, Agile leader from Capgemini UK and co-founder of AgileMentors, introduced some core agile principles via a Ballpoint game.

Capgemini had also invited Amir Arooni, IT management team member of ING, to present his findings of 1+ years of a large-scale Scrum transformation. Amir inspired the audience with his authentic views of proven experience, honest concerns and reflections on the future. And Capgemini was absolutely honored to be mentioned by Amir as crucial in ING’s transformation, and he especially thanked Henk Kolk (VP FS NBS) and Gunther Verheyen (global Scrum leader) for their help and inspiration.

Gunther Verheyen, our Capgemini global leader for Scrum, was appreciated not only for his humor, but also for his inspiring vision on how to use the framework of Scrum to achieve enterprise agility. He introduced the ‘Customer-Oriented Enterprise’ as an organizational pattern to move forward on this path to agility. And he added a view on the future times were concepts like ‘requirements’ or ‘developers’ will be considered ancient history.

Before having a last drink, a panel of experts including Ken Schwaber and Capgemini’s Gunther Verheyen, took some time to answer a number of questions from the audience that were selected by the Scrum Day facilitator Rini van Solingen. After the drink, all attendants went home with a copy of the “Software in 30 Days” book that was recently published by Scrum co-founders Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.


This first occurrence of the Scrum Day Europe was a huge success. Feedback was very positive. Various perspectives to Scrum were introduced. People from various domains, companies and functions got a chance to meet up and get connected.

Ken Schwaber shared following overall impression with Capgemini:

The Scrum community in Netherlands and nearby countries gathered in Amsterdam. The meeting reminded me of the early Agile Alliance conferences conducted by Alistair Cockburn: small, friendly, and a lot of good conversations. We heard from three “C” level executives about the impact of Scrum on their organizations, how they made the transformation, and tips for success. This event was unprecedented in my experience for the scope of the attendees and their ability to meet.

All pictures and presentations have been made available at www.scrumdayeurope.com. Here’s a sample:

A video impression has also been made and is available via YouTube.