Today, we are finalizing the third worldwide edition of our Architecture Week, held from the 11th to 15th of June all around the world, from Brazil to India, from Europe to North America, from France to Australia. This year, the motto was “Turning Technological Innovation into Business Value”, a reflection of our joint efforts with partners and customers to provide innovative solutions that actually deliver fresh business value. The core themes discussed are often referred to nowadays as the Big Four Technology Drivers, as Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social seem to be underpinning a whole new wave of transformative projects.

And actually they are more than that: they bring back the sheer fun in IT with both business and technology people inspired and activated by the real, demonstrable value that can be created.

All of this could be felt throughout the Architecture Week as well and it contains an important message to Enterprise and IT Architects: there is more business appetite for innovative IT solutions than in a long time and you – dear architects – need to be the evangelists of inspiration, as you are the natural intermediaries between the sky-high expectations of the business (anybody for ‘consumerization’?) and the great potential of the Big Four technology drivers.

The key to inspiration and fun is however not in methodologies, structure and multi-layered diagrams (unless other architects are the audience) but much more in the noble arts of storytelling, visualization and visioning. Breath-taking, compelling business technology scenarios are what we need to awe both the business side and the IT professionals, reaching the next level of momentum and energy.

Can it be done? Well, some classic architects (the ones that design buildings, bridges or entire cities) sure know how to do it. Just watch this extremely engaging video of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, shot 2 1/2 years ago at TEDx Amsterdam. His slogan is ‘Yes is More’, demonstrating the power of positive, forward thinking, imagination and a healthy dose of adaptive opportunism. By the time he has finished his last story (a set of ecologically self-providing buildings on an island near Baku, mirroring the profiles of the 5 most prominent mountains of Azerbaijan) you are ready to subscribe to the journey, no matter what your role will be in the project. It’s the type of spirit we are all ready for in this era of new possibilities and opportunities in Business Technology.

I know, it’s a painful stretch again to watch a video for the full, uninterrupted 24 minutes (starting to see a pattern here..?), but it’s worth every single second. And it’s a small investment on the quest towards retrieving fun and value in IT. Yes is more.