For those of you who know me well, you will understand my love for food and for those of you who don’t, you may after reading this article 😉

Every time I find myself standing in front of a buffet I often find myself in a predicament: where do I start? Shall I start with dessert before the most delicious chocolaty looking one runs out or should I start with the freshly roasted Cajun chicken legs, oh no, wait, what about the finger-licking salmon and caviar crackers? Help, I don’t know! Please could someone help me develop a strategy? In all honesty, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I usually just dive in *ahem*

Now, although approaching a buffet without a strategy in place wouldn’t break anything, it’s not an advisable approach when it comes to testing your web analytics. In fact, unless you have devised an approach to testing your implementation, testing and deploying is pointless. So, what’s the approach? Well, every team has its own but loosely, it would follow a little like this:

  1. Have access to a de-bug tool (there are many to choose from e.g. your vendor’s test tool, WASP, Fiddler etc)
  2. Revisit the original business questions
  3. Devise test scripts which will meet the business questions
  4. Have some test data ready to use through any journeys and/or checkout processes
  5. As you go through each test script, check the correct tags are being fired at the right places
  6. Inform your techies if something is incorrect and re-test once corrected
  7. Create some ‘test’ reports in the web analytics tool to ensure the data can be used to answer the original business requirements/questions

If you do all the above before deploying your web analytics solution to a live environment then you’ve done well so pat yourself on the back 🙂