At Capgemini we’ve been doing Big Data for a while, in MDM we created a white paper on why Big Data needs MDM and its absolutely central to being able to do decent Business Analytics. However MDM is just one, very key, part in the challenge of constructing information for analytics.

MDM provides the mapping, the cross reference and the quality which ensures that analytics is done on a solid foundation. Its a core part of what we are calling ‘Marshalling’ at Capgemini. The other elements (Acquisition, Analysis and Action) are all critically important but its the Marshalling that ensures that everything isn’t GIGO. Marshalling therefore is the part of the process where you really take control of information so it can be exploited effectively. Mastering is the heart of this and without good mastering the rest of Marshalling is fundamentally going to be weak. Organisations therefore should be looking at Marshalling information for Big Data as a transformational approach to information management, start with the reference data, expand to the master data and all the time have clarity on how information will be funnelled from the source systems into the Big Data and analytics environments.