Oracle Fusion Applications is a new ERP solution that has been introduced by Oracle. Oracle’s stated intent is to provide functionality that is best-of-breed. However, the fundamental difference from existing ERP solutions is the multi-deployment channels that Oracle Fusion provides. The ERP can be deployed on-premise, on-Cloud AND you can switch between the two modes of deployment.

Within Oracle Fusion Applications stable of products, one of the components is Human Capital Management (Fusion HCM). This suite is available on-premise, but also has a SaaS based offering. Oracle’s marketing campaign around Fusion Applications has been “build-out-the-edge”, as opposed to “rip-and-replace”. The SaaS model for Fusion HCM plays well to that messaging, as it allows for HR specific functionality such as compensation / benefits/ recruitment to be plugged-in to an existing organization on a pay-per-use basis.

The approach for SaaSified Fusion HCM sounds compelling, but what we discovered was that the real value comes in the time to implement. Although the functionality is clear, and organizations like to use (and in some cases experiment) with the pay-per-use model, the lead time in understanding client requirements and getting integrated process flows working did not satisfy clients who were looking for immediate turn around. They wanted the plug-and-play aspects of Fusion HCM, and they wanted it FAST.

Recognizing this need for speed-to-market, Capgemini has built a SWIFT approach for implementing Fusion HCM. SWIFT is an acronym that stands for Structured Way of Implementing Fusion-led Transformation. SWIFT provides a rapid implementation approach, within a fixed scope.

It implements common HCM processes using industry standards, and supports this implementation with a tightly controlled methodology along with pre-built configuration. The value for clients is immense, and this methodology has even been certified by Oracle Corp.

The build out of SWIFT (also called Fusion HCM Rapid Start) has been a joint collaboration effort across the globe, and shows the results that can be achieved when a motivated team with the right skills is brought together to address a market challenge.

The press release for this offering can be found here.  A screen cast for the SWIFT Methodology is here.