Once upon a time, we all, as children, loved to bounce a ball, and scarily enough, some of us still do! But do we, as adults, understand what a bounce is when it comes to websites? Well, for all our sakes, let me explain in simple terms:

Which sites should be concerned?
If the site is content based then I wouldn’t worry too much as the measurement is likely to be around visit and page view volumes. However, If the site is ecommerce based, then worry, a lot.

So, why would the pages on a site experience a bounce rate?
Well, there are many reasons which include:

  1. Design and usability of a website: think of cluttered content, poor colour schemes, jumping flash animations. If you have any of these, your attempt to keeping a visitor onsite has already failed
  2. Content: the content of every page should capture a visitor’s attention. Make it punchy and snappy rather than drab and boring
  3. Website navigation: make it easy for visitors to do something on your site, albeit buy a product or even just view other products which may be of interest to them
  4. Technical issues: there are many issues which fall under this heading but I cannot express my frustration enough when I visit a site and it takes an unacceptable time for a page to load or when I see a message saying ‘the site is temporarily down; we apologise for any inconvenience’.
  5. Marketing: items such as incorrect keywords, misleading messages, poor meta tags are just a few
  6. Audience: ensure the site is being viewed by the intended audience

Address the above for a minimal bounce rate 🙂

Industry standard
Typically, you would be looking at between 18% – 30% but remember, a bounce rate is unique to each website so it is advisable to look at the entire site’s bounce rate and use that to understand whether specific pages (e.g. the homepage, campaign landing pages and product pages which have a high entry page rate) have a low, acceptable or high bounce rate.

Am I a bouncer? Guilty as charged *ahem* (in particular when it comes to email marketing campaigns!)