Human Resources space, especially on talent acquisition front has been on “Talent War” footing despite instable market conditions and higher unemployment. It is more to do with niche / special skill candidates in more demand. This situation has pushed corporate HR / recruitment teams to think beyond the traditional methods of candidate search / attraction. The classical approaches like print ads and job portal recruitment are lagging behind as they lack an ability to “listen” to their target audience in today’s cut-throat competitive model. 

This is a tailor-made situation for “Social Media” to provide a complete solution to any corporate recruitment department. Yes, there is a definite buzz about Social Media in every industry. Recruitment being a “people oriented” function, “Social” provides an exact platform for candidates and recruiters to not just meet / network but also go beyond short-term goals.

What is Social Recruiting?

Social Recruiting is more than just recruiting with Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These channels also provide an excellent opportunity for branding and marketing for recruitment department to position themselves as leaders in their target market and thus creating an interactive and engaged talent pool for long term objective.

The Social channels provides a great platform for companies to present their culture, capabilities, future growth plans, internal talent pool along with presenting career opportunities. This creates a great amount of interest for potential talent pool to engage with a company for longer run. One of the biggest advantage though for companies is an ability to “listen” the target talent group rather than just “telling” their part of story. Recruiters / HR people can now observe and listen to candidates through what people are saying about their company, competitors, technology etc and engage them through mutual dialogue. This also results to “woo” those hidden passive candidates who may not be actively looking in the market for now; however they will look at these opportunities as a first resort once they are active in the market again. This will only happen as a result of proactive communication, listening and engagement.

Creating an effective Employer Brand is a first and foremost important piece to your strategic recruitment puzzle. And remember – “brand” is what people say about you and not just what your marketing says.

Sharing is Caring

Putting your “Employer Brand” out in “Social” environment also means you are reaching out to bigger audience beyond your direct followers due to viral nature. People will be happy to share your messages to their followers and it is the fastest way for spreading a good word in the market. Internal associates are the best brand ambassadors for your talent brand.

At any point of time only 10% to 15% people are actively looking out; hence Social Recruiting helps to reach larger share of your target market and by their own network.

Social Media is a two way communication channel and has a great potential to enhance the entire candidate experience, employer brand thus adding more value than a blanket “one-way” method of posting jobs for recruitment. Being “Social” may also attract some negative vibes which can also spread virally against your employer brand; however they need to be tackled positively and openly.

Recruitment has always been a “social” activity and these channels have given a fantastic opportunity for recruiters and companies to bridge the gap between them and potential candidates. Listening to them carefully and engaging is the ultimate key to achieve success in talent acquisition space in longer run.

In the end – candidate (customer) is a king! So you better be “Social”