If you don’t know who Morpheus is, stop reading this post: you obviously took the Blue Pill. For all the others, you may like the flashy keynote that Sanjay Mirchandani, EMC’s much decorated CIO gave last week at EMC World in Las Vegas about how he is transforming his own company’s internal IT. If only for his grand stage entrance, featuring solar glasses and cool trench coat, as if to emphasize the heroic transformation CIO’s are facing.

Yes indeed it’s a stretch nowadays, having to watch a speech for almost a full hour (if you can’t, you may want to train focussing a bit first, try this), but Mirchandani touches on many topics that CIO’s are currently challenged with, including the need for rigid rationalization of the core infrastructure and application landscapes and making way for a new generation of cloud-based, mobile, social and analytical solutions. He also presents his results with clear, tangible infographics – including a demonstrable shift in the investment portfolio towards more innovation – which is a compelling alternative to the pitiful Powerpoint mess that many IT leaders still use, trying to convince their audience.

We cannot blame Mirchandani for ostensibly showing off how he is eating EMC’s own dog food, plugging the virtues of virtualization, private clouds, big data and security technology. But this talk is so much more than plain product marketing. It shows that IT leaders have a choice: staying caught in their own confined, matrix reality, getting more and more isolated from what is actually happening outside, or pulling the plugs to discover the new reality of business, becoming a broker of agility and innovation.

So by all means, have a look at interesting materials that should not stay in Vegas.

Knock, knock Neo. Change is on the doorstep.