Reduce Energy AND Increase Business Performance

Capgemini has recently launched a campaign to help raise awareness of common business dilemmas, along with solutions proposed to tackle the problems. One dilemma that really stands out for me is titled “How to Combine Energy Reduction with Business Performance”. This dilemma highlights the myth that these two factors work against each other. Businesses fear that investing in performance improvements will result in increased energy requirements, and therefore negatively impact their sustainability efforts. These same companies often have separate people engaged on sustainability initiatives, thinking that energy reduction is only possible with capital investments, and that the reduction will hinder business performance. Capgemini tackles these myths head on by providing four solutions that help combine these benefits.


Capgemini’s Four Highlighted Solutions to Reduce Energy and Improve Business Performance

1)       Smart Energy Services

Smart Energy Services is split into three main categories:  Smart Meters, Smart Grid, and Smart Home. Smart Metering allows for reduced operational costs of meter reading, while also providing increased reliability to customers, who are able to monitor their consumption to reduce overall energy use. Smart Grid allows for the 2-way communication for implantation of renewable generation on both large and local (residential) scales. Lastly, Smart Home provides connectivity of smart devices around the house for easy energy monitoring and the use of efficient devices which can utilize energy during off peak times and help save energy through energy management.

2)       Sustainability Outsourcing

Many companies that have recently grown their Sustainability Programs are commonly using inefficient processes and tools to track and report energy and waste, typically through multiple excel sheets. By outsourcing, Capgemini has the tools to provide efficient data handling, processing, and reporting capabilities. This allows companies to focus on the strategic management of their sustainability operations for increased competitive advantages and business value in the market.

3)       Cloud Services

Cloud Services has the powerful ability to combine many optimizations through one solution. By consolidated older technologies together into the cloud, many old I.T. data equipment can be decommissioned, thus reducing energy consumption and service management. Access onto the cloud can be managed virtually, and provide easy flexibility to ramp up and down services as required to save money and time.

4)       Intelligent Workplace

This solution works to consolidate the growing number of devices and tools in the workplace, replacing it with streamlined solutions such as virtual desktops and all-in-one integrated mobile tablets. In addition to the reduced energy from the reduced devices, the business can also streamline their back-end I.T. support with fewer user profiles to manage and easy on demand virtual configuration changes.


Which solution stands out for you? Is there another solution not listed that has helped your business?



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