Welcome back! Or forward? Happy New Year in any case.

2012, by all accounts on the media, is slated to be the year that the debate turns to action on sustainability issues around the world. With big gains in technology, and a demonstrated drive from companies, that prediction may just come true. From innovations in energy storage to the demand for more social responsibility, we have come to the point where we smart investments are now investments in sustainability.

Everything isn’t all peachy yet, but we’ve finally gotten on the road. The crisis has put priority on the value chain, which is a much different thing today than it was 30 years ago.

I’ll keep it short today, but let’s get this conversation going. We will be featuring content here that is directly related to progress and innovation in the general field of sustainability. That includes supply chain, energy, production, the physical state of our environment, water/resource issues and much more. You will be hearing from experts in their field here from Capgemini around the world.

All the best for 2012, we always appreciate your comments.