As we say bon voyage to the year that brought us so much change, how can we recognize progress from stagnation? We can taper this down from the waste. The emergence of consumer access to technology in the developing, politically unstable regions of the world has caused nations flags to change. What we can take away from the Arab Spring is as complex as we, ourselves, make it.

While not overlooking the many serious challenges that face countries like Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bharain; we search for causation in this. Rooted down at the core of this shift in mental capacity to stand up and voice ones own opinion is access to a network of people who feel exactly the same way you do.

The expansive investments made to shoring up the 3G in said countries provide a context for the ability of that comfortable network to exist. While the cards have yet to settle, it is of my opinion that the facebook, twitter and youtube have become the blue jeans, David Hasselhoff and MTV of this generation. The way that the Hoff stood up in the epicenter of Berlin’s freedom fervor, facebook and twitter adorned the walls surrounding Tahir Square and garnished the homemade tanks and mobile mortar units in Tripoli.

To that end, how can the aims of sustainablity translate to the restructuring of the geo-political map? With some of the most pristine dive-spots in the world located just south of the Suez canal, how can we insure it’s protection from one of the worlds busiest logistical bottlenecks?

To that end, we must continue and encourage the dialog and exchange of progressive momentum. There must be an inclusion of the generation who expressed serious determination to change what was unjust, to amend what was broken, and to provide a real chance to their own destiny. In the global road away from perdition, including the newest members to the facebook generation is vital.

Capgemini has its eye on innovation, constantly. Expanding service opportunities throughout the globe in partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Expanding access to our Sustainability services will remain high on the agenda at Capgemini.

2012 will be a year that we challenge the world to seek the advantages in finding smarter solutions to our problems. To reject the shortsighted mentality that has put us in a position of potential peril. To facilitate innovation, encourage education, inspire discussion and ratify words with actions.

Be on the lookout for a few interesting reports to be released in early 2012 in the meantime, have a read through McKinsey&Company’s Report on Resource Management (Resource Revolution). It comes highly recommended by our Global Head of CSR & Sustainability, James Robey.

All the best to you and yours during the holiday season, and a very happy, succesful New Year.


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