ConferenceYesterday morning I attended a conference for entrepreneurs held near Cairo, in a “Smart Village” where Microsoft, Vodaphone, Intel, Alcatel and a lot of banks are located.

The event included a Panel on social media, or, more precisely, on how marketing uses it. “Social is the new viral,” said one of the CEOs who spoke there.

I heard a lot of generalizations like “Listen to your communities and adjust your strategy,” or “educating clients is essential,” and even “content is key.”

I hesitate between calling these useful or “the usual bullshit”, as one of my neighbors did.

But we’re in Egypt.

tarekshalaby@tarekshalaby, a web designer and entrepreneur, has no qualms with tweeting “Down with Tantawi” (who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces).

Someone responds that this is not the place to vent one’s political sentiments….

No matter what, it is a different type geolocalization, one that is particularly efficient.