Although all major technology providers are obviously embracing the journey to the cloud, I would say that Microsoft is among the boldest in terms of their commitment to the new, game-changing scenarios that the cloud brings. This is why we have been proud to announce our joint collaboration that offers accelerated cloud services, building on the Windows Azure platform. The announcement created quite some interest, including from IT Europa: one of the few true Pan-European suppliers of information and analysis around the IT market. Their editor John Garratt interviewed me briefly and he was so kind to let us link to the result. Some of the key insights: 1) developers are already exploring and applying new ways of developing for the cloud, but we are actively pushing an even faster build-up of skills and capabilities 2) there are differences between regions and sectors in their pace of leveraging the cloud; big does not necessarily mean faster here, 3) the real power of Windows Azure may be in a quickly growing marketplace of industry-specfic solutions; it’s just not building for the cloud, soon it’s more about building with the cloud. Have a look at the full feature. You may find it insightful.