A service offering that delivers out-of-the-box reports provided by the proven technology of Oracle BI Publisher, that was the idea behind the service offering operational reporting. This idea is not only proved to be operational in a real business environment but it seems to be a model that is attractive to a large number of customers.
Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise
Oracle strategically positioned this software as the operational reporting tool for all Oracle applications and it will play an important role in Oracle Fusion. Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise provides a tool that is lightweight and easy to use. With a powerful and highly scalable server, BI Publisher is able to separate data extraction, formatting and delivery models which allows users to build and adjust their reports to their needs.
Service offering “Operational Reporting”
Capgemini’s concept of the service offering is an end to end solution for a specific business problem, consisting of a related set of services. With both knowledge of Oracle ERP applications and business processes in a wide area of industries, Capgemini is able to create added value to proven technology. The service offering Operational Reporting consist of three parts:
1. Installation of Oracle BI Publisher in the existing IT landscape of the customer.
2. Installation of all Capgemini data models and quick-start reports.
3. Training for key-users in using the software and the Capgemini data models.
These three parts are realized in one week which provides a huge amount of information to a customer from their ERP application in a very short amount of time. The starting point for this service offering is an out-of-the-box installation of the Capgemini data models and quick-start reports.
Proof of concept at Van Oers Group in Boxtel (NL)
Van Oers Group in Boxtel and Capgemini completed a successful JD Edwards implementation in April 2010. Like at so many ERP implementation projects the real information needs became clear in the months afterwards the Go-live. The need for operational reports and ad-hoc queries was growing but the tools to provide them did not meet the requirements. This position of Van Oers Group was ideal to cooperate with the development of a service offering on operational reports. Van Oers was very much willing to think with Capgemini about the content of a data model that could provide an organization with the most common data from their ERP system. In this win-win situation Capgemini was able to develop this common model and Van Oers Group would secure most of their informational needs.
The first step in this project was to define the data models. Which information is common for most organizations and which reports has to be developed. This definition was plotted into the JD Edwards data model after which the models were build in Oracle BI Publisher. The idea behind Oracle BI Publisher is to separate data extraction from the report lay out which was the basis for the service offering. On the one hand data models that could be used at all JD Edwards customers to provide data and on the other hand report templates which can be used as a quick start for the most common reporting needs. Because the data models were defined with the business processes as a basis, these models provides opportunities for customers using other ERP applications as Oracle eBS, Peoplesoft en Siebel, and for integration with Oracle BI EE.
The data models consist of four functional areas: Finance, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing. The dimensions that were used in this areas are customer, supplier, article and account master, which can be queried as separate tables but also can be queried against related transactional facts. With this concept an organization is able to create control reports or overviews on master data as customers or items, and reports that provide the corresponding transactional information on various subjects. Also the model is provided with an extended set of parameters which make the model flexible in filtering the data by an end-user.
During the project Capgemini developed a workshop that provides users at Van Oers the knowledge about the software and the content of the data models. Part of this workshop was the modification of the data models in order to extract organizational specific information needs.
Operational Reporting in your organization
The design of the data models and the philosophy of the service offering has proven to create added value. There is a lot of knowledge and experience at Capgemini in the software of Oracle BI Publisher and the Oracle ERP applications. With the developed data models and quick start reports the service offering “Operational Reports” could be an interesting product for your organization.
Oracle’s strategy is to provide software that is complete, open, and integrated. Capgemini connects to this strategy with this service offering. This is your opportunity to create operational reports and ad-hoc queries based upon a reliable data model with the ability to deliver them in the most common output formats and finally deliver them to the right people.
Rick Brobbel – JD Edwards consultant
Raymond Verhoef – JD Edwards consultant