Marianne Horsch is one of our top ADF specialists. She started reporting from the field on her own blog.
Here an excerpt of the blogs she’d produced so far. Stay tuned on her ADF Blog!
How to trigger an action on double click of an ADF table row
In this blog a solution is provided to execute custom code and / or navigation when a user double clicks on a row of an ADF table.
How to fix menu item navigation when using bounded task-flows
One of the strength of ADF11 compared to 10 are the task-flows. Task flows increase reusability of parts of applications. But when you want to use an overall menu bar that should be accessible from any place in the applications and you use bounded task flows then some extra code is required to make the menu work from any place in the application.
In this blog a solution is provided to make the menu work when using bounded (and unbounded) taskflows.
How to never display a horizontal scrollbar in a table

Display an table layout in ADF11 is easy, but I’m annoyed by the horizontal scrollbar in the button of the table. A vertical scrollbar I can imagine, I believe it’s more user friendly then the page range that ADF10 had.
Of course, you don’t want to recalculate the width of the table every time you add or remove a column, or what if columns are rendered based on criteria such as user roles? And display a scrollbar or not is not fixed as well.
Apparently disappointed by the standard ADF solution, Marianne shows how to make a generic solution for a table without a horizontal scrollbar.
Marianne Horsch, ADF expert