We’ve all seen them and have our favourite; personally the Pacman Doodle last year was my favourite; but is Google’s ever changing logo showing the future of brand marketing to technology companies?
Silicon.com ran a set of photos showing the evolution of the Google Doodle from a corporate logo to using it as a tool to launch Google Instant. On seeing it, I started to think, which other technology company would be so daring with their logo.
Deloitte Australia comes very close with its use of Yammer to crowd-source the tagline for their new advertising campaign, within 24 hours of a question being posted for a proposed advertising campaign nearly 1,500 taglines were submitted by employees. That’s a phenomenal statistic.
But imagine a technology company that encourages employees to contribute to the brand evolving and embodying innovative. Surely that’s a more powerful message to clients, potential employees and your current employees.
A technology brand that evolves, embodies innovative yet stays true to its core values, sounds like a tall order but Google have proved you can do all of that and have fun with it.
Rena Patel is a Marketing and Communications Executive for Capgemini UK. You can follow and connect with her on Twitter.