Have you got a chance to question yourself, how computers are beating world champions like Gary Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand in chess? It is a result of Artificial Intelligence Expert System with lakhs and lakhs of games stored in the critical database for decision supporting of the moves in Knowledgebase with a strong rulebase engine. The latest versions of chess softwares [Fritz, Rybka which I prefer] are having interaction components which has increased the level of the game drastically wherein you feel like playing with a human intelligence which suggests,warns,teaches and trains you as well. Human Intelligence is based on age exception for prodigies.Intelligence system levels for new born babiess are low compared to the brains of aged ones.Procedural,descriptive & reasoning Knowledge is low to the babies as they did not interact with the environment comfortably. Databases are just repositories but Knowledgebases have INTERACTION component as well with the environment associated which is dynamic in nature. More is the interaction, more the knowledge. Praveen Veeramalla_Intelligence_Knowledge Management Praveen Veeramalla _ Knowledge Segregation _ Knowledge Management Knowledgebases in corporate context: E-commerce applications are rulebased systems for business, Knowlegebases are specific to a subject for Konwledge Management. Booking/reservation portals are one of the popular examples of rulebased systems. In the Knowledgebases, Knowledge is automatically captured,stored,anaysed and collected by computer often they use intelligent agents.Reuse, self training, Intelligent decision support with justifications, deductive reasoning are few of the advantages of knowldgebases CMSs are tending to become Knowledgebase solutions by customizing themselves. Click here for the list of CMS compared. Also find Knowledgebase softwares compared in this link.Knowledgebase software can contain several features like Emailing an article, most recent, most popular , categories, exporting article to PDF/print. Most rulebases are suitable for realtime decision system and compliance system and most Knowledgebases are suiatable for suggestion/recommendation,answer facilitataing system.Knowledgebases can have complex rules and deep logic. Knowledgebase_Knowledge Management Praveen Kumar Veeramalla Human readable Knowledgebases always act a reference desk can contain FAQs, casestudies,trouble shooting, templates,user manuals,white paper articles, know hows and a powerful search engine. Machine readable Knowledgebases are often used by semantic web which needs lesser efforts of humans and would become critical components of upcoming web 3.0. We may expect lot of knowledge engines in near future of web3.0 .WolframAlpha is a popular knowledge engine which provides answers for the queries.In web 3.0 era, web computers are expected to extract knowledge from Information instead of extracting information from the data that normal search engine does. It’s strength depend on the Knowledge representation schemes [KRS] and Knowledge Modeling techniques used

Praveen Kumar Veeramalla is a Knowledge Management Consultant within Capgemini.You can follow and connect with him via Twitter.Currently, he is also doing a part time doctoral research on Knowledge Management