I was very surprised and gratified last Wednesday to find how many of you had all been kind enough to vote again this year for the CTOblog in the annual Computer Weekly competition, I was even more surprised to find against a strong field of nominations that we won!. So many thanks to all of you who voted, Ron and I really appreciate it, and it makes it easier to try to keep up the work of coming up with good insights into this every changing industry of ours. I was even more delighted to find that my friends and colleagues who collectively produce the Capgemini Capping IT Off blog exploring in more depth various technology matters also won their category and that the leader of our social networking practice Rick Mans was runner up as the Twitter leader, especially as it was to Stephen Fry a well known anglophile TV and Media personality. All of us really do appreciate your support and promise we will do our best to try to live up to the awards.